When you step into a home that had a Maid Over you’ll savor the moment knowing that the entire home has been cleaned to your satisfaction by our professional cleaners with a guarantee you can trust. 

Worry-free service you can count on time and time again. At Maid Over, we guarantee it.


How Do I Know Your Service Fits My Needs?

We will provide you with a detailed description of what our regular cleaning routine includes. Our regular program is based on the most common tasks requested by our clients. If you have special concerns and would like to delete or add tasks, we can design a package precisely tailored to your needs. Our goal is your total satisfaction.

Do I Have To Be Home When You Clean?

The choice is yours. Most clients find it more convenient and secure to issue a key to Maid Over that we code and retain in a secured area. If your home is equipped with a security system, please make the necessary arrangement to give us access to your home on your scheduled day. If you would like to give us an alarm code, we will see that it is safe in our multi password protected computer system.

What Do I Have To Supply?

Nothing. Maid Over provides all the necessary professional quality cleaning equipment and supplies. But, if you have a special product you prefer us to use, such as specific wax or polish, we'll be happy to use it.

Am I Committing To A Long-Term Contract?

No. Maid Over relies on our superior quality of service and your satisfaction rather than a contract to retain you as a client. Should you request our services on a regular basis, you will be scheduled indefinitely in advance to reserve your day. Should you choose to reschedule or cancel services, simply call our office a minimum of two business days in advance.

What Recourse Do I Have If The Work Is Not Satisfactory?

Some maid services or individuals may charge extra for “re-dos”, not Maid Over. If there is ever an area of concern we will schedule a prompt re-clean at no additional cost to you.

Do You Send Teams Of People In To Clean My House?

No, under normal circumstances we will send one thoroughly trained housekeeper to clean your home. If it is an unusually large job, we may send more than one. We also try to schedule the same person to clean your home every time.

How Should I Pay For The Service?

We require the payment before we begin cleaning. If you are not going to be at home when we arrive, please leave cash or check made payable to Maid Over on the kitchen counter along with the cleaning supplies you want us to use.

What About My Pets?

We love animals, but sometimes they don't love us. If you think your pet may become overly anxious while we are there, please make temporary arrangements (such as the garage, a kennel, or a closed off room) while we are in your home.

What If I Am Moving?

Whether you are moving in or moving out we can handle all of your cleaning needs. Please call for a detailed description of what is normally included or let us know what you need.

Do I Have To Do Anything Before The Housekeeper Arrives?

In order for the housekeeper to do their job, we ask that you pick up clothing, toys and other household items. The housekeeper will not know where your personal items belong and we prefer that they not go into your closets or drawers to put things away.

What If My Scheduled Cleaning Is On A Holiday Or I Need To Reschedule?

We will call you at least 48 hours in advance to reschedule if your regular cleaning falls on a holiday. If you would like to reschedule, please call us 48 hours in advance.

What If Something Is Damaged During The Cleaning?

We treat your home with complete care and respect. However, should damage or breakage occur while we are cleaning, Maid Over will make every effort to repair or if necessary, replace the item.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

Maid Over will customize a package that suits your needs. We also offer deep cleaning and special event cleanings for before and after parties or whatever you need. Please contact our office for full details.